Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia lives a lot of country music lovers, but none that loves it more than Tim Spears. He has been singing, writing and performing since the age of 11. While the children were out playing at all the family gatherings, Tim was inside listening to his dad and uncle sing all those old country songs. Between each song they would play, Tim would try to get a free guitar lesson from anyone that would show him anything.

At the age of 17 he went to his Jr. Variety show, ( in the heat of the rock n roll era, with all teenagers there ) he did his rendition of "easy lovin" and there received his first standing ovation. At that point he knew this is where his life long ambitions were.

Tim still lives in that same hometown of Waynesboro, Va. and has gained the respect and admiration of a town he really loves. Since that variety show, he has appeared on The Nashville Network ( TNN ) several times and performed on the "EARNEST TUBB RECORD SHOP" show, just a few of his accomplishments.

Children are one of his main concerns. Each year, for the last 31 years, he has done a benefit concert and gives 100% of the proceeds to these needy children of his home town. He raises it locally, spends it locally and spends it on the local children....In the year 2000, along with ‘’shopperones’’ from his town, The TIM SPEARS CHRISTMAS FUND, INC. members, they personally took 452 children shopping a the local K-mart and Wal-mart stores. The Christmas season of 2008, they should surpass $ 300,000.oo spent on local children.

At last, Tim and his belief in God, has changed all his writing
abilities, using them toward what he is calling "POSITIVE COUNTRY MUSIC". His latest effort is entitled "Goodbye Dale" and  "IT"S ALL IN THE SONG."  This is a collection of songs he has written from true experiences he has seen or been involved with. These songs are funny, patriotic, sad, warm, and some are love songs that just melt the heart. Along with his great friend and manager, Melvin Sorrells, they are trying to promote 24 songs, 2 of which Mel wrote, and take them directly to the people. The response he is getting from the people, going directly to you, rather than having promotion companies charge him enormous prices, has been staggering !! His songs have gotten great reviews by Alan Jackson, The Statler Bros., Toby Kieth and Vince Gill. If you like country music, you'll love Tim Spears. Thanks and May God bless......