Tim Spears proves it,
Your 'Dreams' can come true

Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are a lot of country music lovers, but none that love it more than Tim Spears. Spears has been singing, writing and performing since the age of 11. While other children were out playing at all the family gatherings, he was inside listening to his dad and uncle sing all those old country songs - and between each song they would play, he would try to get a free guitar lesson from anyone who would show him anything.

At the age of 17, Spears went to a high-school talent show, in the heart of the rock 'n roll era, and performed his rendition of "Easy Lovin’," and in the process received his first standing ovation.

At this point, he knew country music would be his life’s ambition.

Spears, born on Christmas Day, still lives in his hometown of Waynesboro, Va., and has gained the respect and admiration of a town he really loves. The owner of Tim Spears Music City, a thriving Downtown Waynesboro music store, Spears made several appearances on National Television, (The Nashville Network)  as well as hosting a National TV program on RFD TV and FamilyNet. 

"Just a few short years ago, I would have never dreamed of being on national television doing what I love to do." Who in addition to many other National TV Shows, has also appeared on the “Shotgun Red Variety Show” in January 2012.  Other credits include the “Governor’s Palace” in Pigeon Forge, performed on the "Ernest Tubb Record Shop Midnite Jamboree," "Gibson Showcase", "Country Today," as well as the "Nashville Cowboy Church" and the "Pigeon Forge Cowboy Church" .

It's important to Spears that he does things the right way. Spears calls his music "Positive Country and Gospel Music," and he has had the pleasure of performing his music live with the likes of Sissy Spacek, Christopher Reeve, The Statler Brothers, George Jones, Conway Twitty, John Anderson, Toby Keith, Vince Gill, Sylvia, John Conlee, T. Graham Brown, Helen Cornelius, Jimmy Fortune, Linda Davis, Janie Fricke, David Ball, Ricochet, Michael Twitty, Lil' Roy Lewis, Rhonda Vincent, Ronnie Reno, Buddy Jewell, Ben "Cooter" Jones, Larry Stephenson, Exile and numerous others.

Spears also wrote and produced a hit song on NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., "Goodbye Dale," that sold by the thousands Stateside and internationally without backing or promotion from a major label. His newest CD release, "Satisfaction,"  is a collection of songs that track his evolution as a singer/songwriter, delving into topics including the parallel careers of himself and country superstar Alan Jackson, and also a song about the ongoing debate over abortion.

Spears, also has two other released CD’s recorded in Nashville's Studios, “Goodbye Dale” and “All In The Song”. Spears, is now working  on his new release to be out very soon.

Children and their well-being are very important to Spears. Each year for the last 33 years, he has promoted a benefit concert for children from which 100 percent of the profits go to the needy children of the Waynesboro-Augusta County area. As of 2015, the Tim Spears’ Christmas Fund has donated well over $300,000 to help make the Christmas dreams of local needy children come true.

And now one of Spears' dreams is coming true.  The TV show hit the big time on RFD-TV and its 42 million subscribers. Spears is quoted saying “ I am very honored to be a part of the RFD TV family, they have been a jewel to work with !”

Spears has a very unique style all his own, that has won the praises of many of country's stars today. If you enjoy country music, you will enjoy Tim Spears !

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CHANNEL: FamilyNet  (check your local listings)

MORE DETAILS: TimSpears.com

A Message from Tim Spears to 'His' fans

If you could see inside my heart right now, you would see excitement that is overflowing with blessings from God that is topped with my love for music. Never in a million years did I dream of being in your homes each week right before "Hee Haw." Now that one is off of the "Bucket List."  It is done..............

As a child I would watch "Hee Haw" with my Granddaddy and dream of being on the show. Now I am on a show leading into the most famous country music show in history. My Granddaddy would be proud!

Well, I have to say I am proud of Tammy for standing behind me and helping me acquire my dream. Thanks to everyone who has devoted time to my music, and one day I hope to meet each and every one of you to personally thank you for your support!

I value my fans and your support for my music. We looked forward to bringing you outstanding talent from our local area and Nashville stars. My dream is that you, our fans, enjoyed our show delivered to your home. For that half-hour in your life, I hope that we filled your heart with joy, you have a toe-tapping good time.

Again, Thanks for watching our show and for being a fan.

Remember, A Dream Can Come True!

God Bless... Tim Spears



Honors for Tim Spears

A Few of Tim’s Awards:

Representing the Children and the Christmas Fund Spears has received countless acknowledgements from Senators, City officials for his outstanding contributions as a volunteer. The most touching to his heart was receiving a Letter from the then Governor George Allen from the State of Virginia commending him for his outstanding citizenship and volunteering for the State. Spears always enjoys winning awards but the most awarding to him is when he is helping others. After the Flood in Nashville Tn, he drove 9 hours to help people clean their homes of mud and flood debris. He was quoted saying "people are there for me when I need them, I will be there for them."
* Chrysler Motors Country Music Invitational

*Several appearances on The Nashville Network                                                                                                                               *3 years on the RFD Network                                                                                                                                                        *3 Years on "FamilyNet" Network                                                                                                                                                     *Wrangler Country Show Down
* Lowes Country Show Down Winner
* South Boston Speedway Male Vocalist
* Male Vocalist Virginia Folk Music Association
* WKDW Battle Of The Bands Award
* 1990 Big Brother Big Sisters Music Opry Award
* 1991 Big Brother Big Sisters Music Opry Award
* 1992 Big Brother Big Sisters Music Opry Award
* 1992 Jaycees Outstanding Young Citizen Award
* 1993 Big Brother Big Sisters Music Opry Award
* 1994 Big Brother Big Sisters Music Opry Award
* 1997 Humanity Award
* 1998 Outstanding Citizen Award
* 2001 Rotary Club Service Award
* 2007 Humanitarian Award